The Secret of Time Travel

The magic of time, the time of magic, it’s all here in the now. Join our hosts as we delve into the deeper side of time travel and magic.

Claim your spot in this unique opportunity to see Douglas Dietrich, Peter Moon, Andrew Bartzis and Laura Lee Solomon discuss the ways to empower yourself with knowledge.

These four renowned and unique personalities will be offering their perspectives on time travel and magic and how these two dynamic subjects have intertwined in the past and what role they might play in the future. Each speaker will also offer their own views with regard to the dangerous potentials of such and how to empower oneself in the coming time.

Join us for this amazing Webinar

Andrew Bartzis – Psychic, Shaman, Healer and Galactic Historian
Douglas Dietrich - Renegade Military Historian
Peter Moon - author of time travel books
Laura Lee Solomon - Long time student of the Hermetic Qabalah and hostess of Paths of the Great Adventure.

  • You will learn the skills to empower yourself with this information.
  • Psychic Self Defense
  • Spiritual Contract Revocations
  • Special Meditations
  • And More!

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Time Travel